Buy a 1926 Ford Model T at Zink Motor Company!

Experience a slice of automotive history with the iconic 1926 Ford Model T Touring, now available for purchase at the Zink Motor Company Museum in Appleton City. This storied vehicle not only represents the pinnacle of early 20th-century engineering and design but also comes from a local Missouri dealership with a deep-rooted legacy of over 100 years in Ford sales and service.

This Model T for sale nearby starts and drives as expected, presenting an opportunity to own a piece of the legacy that pioneered the automotive industry and helped make the Ford nameplate what it is today.

Front 3/4 exterior shot of the 1926 Ford Model T

Vehicle Highlights


  • Ford Model T Touring


  • 1926


  • Well-maintained with recent fluids change. Operational on battery (Note: does not run on magneto).


  • The vehicle boasts an authentic appearance with some panels exhibiting an orange peel look, alongside minor scuffs and dings -- a testament to its rich history.


  • $10,000 (Firm)
Exterior and interior images of the 1926 Ford Model T

Zink Motor Company: A Century of Automotive Excellence

Founded in 1916, Zink Motor Company has evolved from its original setup as the Motor Inn, carrying a vast array of automobile brands, to becoming an exclusive Ford dealership and service center. Our dealership's legacy is intertwined with that of the Ford Model T, having been at the forefront of selling and servicing this revolutionary vehicle since its heyday.

Rear 3/4 shot of the 1926 Ford Model T

Embracing Our Heritage

The 1926 Ford Model T Touring, for sale at our local dealership, is more than just a car; it's a piece of automotive history that has passed through the hands of a dealership with an unparalleled connection to the Model T era. Our facilities, designed by Ford Motor Company in 1918, have seen the evolution of automotive culture from the ground up, serving as a beacon of heritage and passion for Ford automobiles.