2024 Ford Escape

What modern powertrain options are now ranking highest on a car shopper’s list of must-haves? We’ll tell you: hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines -- and you’ll have both available in the 2024 Ford Escape, one of the most popular new compact SUVs for sale in Missouri.

It's easy enough to decide on the new Escape as you hunt for your next ride. But how do you choose between the excellent Escape Hybrid and the equally enticing Escape Plug-In Hybrid? That can be a more challenging choice, especially if you’re not as familiar with the pros and cons of hybrid powertrains.

To help make this decision a little easier, we’ve conducted a FordEscape Hybrid vs. Escape Plug-In Hybrid comparison to better understand these two distinct flavors of this top-shelf SUV. Which is best suited to your tastes? Read on to find out, then book a 2024 Escape test-drive at our Appleton City Ford dealership.

Comparing Hybrid & PHEV Escape Trims

Efficiency is one of the most significant differentiators between the hybrid 2024 Ford Escape and its plug-in hybrid stablemate. Both models are considerably more fuel-efficient compared to their non-hybrid counterparts, but it’s the 2024 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid that delivers the most exceptional mpg ratings. You can expect a PHEV Escape to return 101 combined MPGe; in other words, you can drive 101 miles in combined city and highway driving conditions before using the equivalent of a gallon of gas in energy. Prefer not to use any gas at all? The Escape Plug-In Hybrid offers 37 miles of all-electric range.

Even the best new hybrid SUVs can’t match these stats. The Escape Hybrid, for instance, is rated at 39 combined mpg. That’s a seriously impressive showing compared to its competitors, but like all ordinary hybrid powertrains, it can’t offer PHEV-levels of efficiency.

Of course, unlike its PHEV counterpart, the Escape Hybrid never needs to be plugged in, so you’re always enjoying the fuel-sipping benefits of its electrified powertrain. You also have a choice between Escape Hybrid AWD and FWD drivetrains, which isn’t the case with the PHEV model -- the latter is strictly a front-wheel drive SUV. All these factors are important to consider as you decide on the best Ford Escape for your needs.

Vehicle Image

2024 Ford Escape Hybrid

  • Engine Type: Hybrid 2.5-liter 4-cylinder
  • Combined Fuel Economy: 39 MPG
  • Requires External Charging: No
  • All-Electric Range: N/A
  • AWD: Available
Vehicle Image

2024 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid

  • Engine Type: Plug-In Hybrid 2.5-liter 4-cylinder
  • Combined Fuel Economy: 101 MPGe
  • Requires External Charging: Yes
  • All-Electric Range: 37 miles
  • AWD: N/A

Which Ford Escape Is Right for Me?

That’s entirely up to you. Some drivers love the idea of limited all-electric range and 101 MPGe, and if that’s you, nothing can beat the Escape Plug-In Hybrid. Other drivers prefer choosing from a greater variety of Escape trims and never want to worry about plugging their SUV in. For those shoppers, the Escape Hybrid is the perfect solution.

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To review all Escape engine options in more detail, contact Zink Motor Company. We look forward to helping you choose the model that’s best suited to your needs.