Which 3-Row Ford SUV Is Right for Me?

A 2024 Ford Expedition SUV driving across a modern bridge near a city at sunset

So, you know that your lifestyle demands a three-row SUV, and you’ve already made the smart decision to buy a Ford for your next family hauler. Now there’s just one question left: which new Ford SUV with three rows of seating is best for your needs?

You can answer this question in one of two ways. Many buyers will choose the 2024 Ford Explorer, a staple in the Ford lineup for its exceptional versatility. But even though few new SUVs in Missouri can so successfully be all things to all people, there remains a small group of buyers for whom even the Explorer specs and capabilities won’t quite fit their needs. That’s where the 2024 Ford Expedition comes in. This size-XL SUV is about as big, powerful and capacious as this class of vehicles come.

So, Explorer or Expedition? There’s no denying the appeal of both, which is why we’ve arranged the following 2024 Ford Explorer vs. Expedition comparison. Check it out, then visit our Ford dealer in Appleton City to test-drive your favorite.

2024 Ford Explorer® King Ranch® model parked near a stable with a horse trailer attached

Compare 2024 Ford Expedition vs. Explorer Specs

While the Ford DNA runs deep in both SUVs, consider them siblings rather than identical twins. This is well illustrated by the 2024 Ford Explorer and Expedition engine options. Both offer Ford EcoBoost® powertrains, but the power and displacement of the largest engine in each respective SUV is scaled to their overall size and lineup positioning. This means that the 2024 Ford Expedition boasts a 3.5-liter High Output EcoBoost® V6, while the Explorer packs a 3.0-liter EcoBoost® V6 under the hood of its hottest trim.

Though the Expedition is the more powerful of the two, it needs to be -- after all, it competes with today’s largest 3-row SUVs, a class of vehicles designed to haul passengers with ease and tow trailers with the same nonchalance as a full-size truck. That’s why the 2024 Expedition towing capacity reaches 9,200 pounds when properly equipped.

Though their specs differ, both SUVs represent some of the most competitive options in their respective segments. It’s proof that, no matter which new Ford you buy, you’re taking home an indisputable winner.

2024 Ford Explorer

  • Largest Available Engine: 3.0-liter EcoBoost® V6
  • Towing (lbs.): 5,600
  • Max Torque (lb-ft): 415
  • Max Horsepower: 400
  • 4WD: Available

2024 Ford Expedition

  • Largest Available Engine: 3.5-liter High Output EcoBoost® V6
  • Towing (lbs.): 9,200
  • Max Torque (lb-ft): 510
  • Max Horsepower: 440
  • 4WD: Available

Compare 2024 Ford Explorer vs. Expedition Interior

Both the Explorer and Expedition interiors are replete with the latest technologies and creature comforts. Large touchscreens define the front dashboards; the Expedition packs a massive 15.5-inch display on select trims, while the Explorer touchscreen size maxes out at a full 10.1 inches. Both SUVs offer Ford Co-Pilot360® technology as well on most trims.

Speaking of trim levels, the Explorer lets you choose from among eight distinct sub-models, including the high-performance Explorer ST. The Expedition features six unique trims, one of which is the trail-ready Expedition Timberline. Let’s just say that you’ll have no shortage of choice regardless of your preferred SUV.

Notably, the Expedition offers two unique advantages compared to its slightly smaller sibling: it can seat an extra occupant, for a total seating capacity of up to eight passengers, and it can be had in a long-wheelbase format -- known as the Expedition MAX -- for even more cargo-carrying supremacy.

Interior of a 2024 Ford Expedition as driver touches the interactive screen

2024 Ford Explorer

  • Seating: 7
  • Touchscreen Size (in.): 10.1
  • Long-Wheelbase Variant: N/A
  • Ford Co-Pilot360®: Available
  • Trim Levels: 8

2024 Ford Expedition

  • Seating: 8
  • Touchscreen Size (in.): 15.5
  • Long-Wheelbase Variant: Available
  • Ford Co-Pilot360®: Available
  • Trim Levels: 6

Should I Buy an Explorer or Expedition in Appleton City?

For most shoppers, the Explorer represents the perfect balance of capability, size and efficiency. It does everything well and can handle anything short of commercial-grade loads. But if you do need to tow nearly 10,000 pounds or frequently shuttle more than five passengers, the Expedition is right for you.

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact Zink Motor Company today. We look forward to helping you buy an SUV that’s right for you.

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